Bubastis Oasis, Valley of Dallas, U.S.G.L, O.T.O


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The members of Bubastis Oasis proudly invite you to celebrate the Second Annual Mass Appeal weekend to be held in the Great State of Texas!

Dates: October 16th – October 18th

Times: Door opens Friday the 16th at 7:00pm for a cocktail hour and meet and greet. More details to come!
Fee: $56 for the weekend…includes hors d’oeuvres each evening, and breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

If you register for the event by September 22, you will receive the reduced rate of $33.00 for Bubastis Members and $44.00 for Initiates.

Friday – Open to Public
Saturday – Initiate Only
Sunday – Open to the Public after Lunch
Schedule – The following schedule is subject to change up until 10/4
Friday – public
7:30pm Cocktail hour
8:30pm Gnostic Mass
9:45pm Lecture
11pm Gnostic Mass
9am Breakfast
10am Lecture
10:30am Gnostic Mass
12pm Lecture
1pm Gnostic Mass
2:30pm Feast for the Gnostic Saints
4:30pm Lecture
5pm Gnostic Mass
6:30pm Lecture
7pm: Split for evening entertainment
7:30pm III* dinner
9:30pm III* Gnostic Mass
9am Breakfast
10am Lecture
10:30am Gnostic Mass
12pm Lecture
12:30pm Lunch
2pm Lecture
3pm Doors open to the Public
3:30pm Public Gnostic Mass
5pm Public Lecture
To volunteer to serve in one of the Gnostic Masses, email Hattie at:specialevents@bubastis-oto.org, individuals and teams welcome.
Local hospitality available by writing to hospitality@bubastis-oto.org
Love is the law, love under will.

Register for the event now before the price goes up on 9/22!

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