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Energized Enthusiasm: Crowley in the Frenzied Tradition

Crowley in the Frenzied Tradition: Aleister Crowley has a reputation for innovation among modern occultists, but his most important magical methods often relied on tried and true methods of cultivating divine madness. T. Polyphilus will address Crowley’s perpetuation of key concepts involving “Mania” and “Enthusiasm” from Plato all the way to current day.  It will also examine his use of these in his individual magical work, in writings such as Energized Enthusiasm”, and in the canon of the Gnostic Mass.
 Bubastis Oasis welcomes Bishop T Polyphilus to our Oasis, on Sunday, July 26th at 2:00 pm.  This is a rare opportunity and seating will be limited.  Purchase your tickets by 7/25 to receive the public price of $25.00.  Information on T Polyphilus can be found here.


Public Cost before Midnight 7/25:

  • Bubastis Oasis Members $20.00
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Price at the door: $30.00

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