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All Hallows: That Old Black Magic

October 31, 2015


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

We will be celebrating Samhain/Halloween/All Hallows this year with a lecture, feast, offerings and rituals, as well as a costume party!
3pm Lecture: The Faustian Drama-An Introduction to Renaissance Magic and the Diabolical Covenant” by Endymion St. Cyr
At the turn of the 16th Century, Dr. John Faust made a deal with the Devil. He sought forbidden knowledge and all manner of delights, and in exchange he lost himself, body and soul. This is the legend that we all know, and as the soul of the devil-bought hastens not from its carnal clay, so does it linger even in his name and story. But what is the truth behind the legend of Faustus? What secrets are concealed in his famous pact with Mephistophilis, or revealed by his romance with Helen?
This class is a must for those who will be joining us at the ritual of the Mephisto Ring. It will prepare you for our candlelight conjuration of Herr Baron Mephistophilis, this All Hallows’ Eve. Attendees with receive everything they will need to participate in the Mephisto Ring, and will gain insight to the Western Esoteric Tradition in what are arguably its purest and most relevant forms, the Faustian bargain, the evocation of spirits, shamanistic soul travel, and the Threefold Harrowing of Hell.

“I will tell thee things to the terror of thy soul, if thou wilt abide the hearing.â€
̶ P.F. The Damnable Life and Deserved Death
of Doctor John Faustus, 1592
7pm Seasonal Potluck Feast. Bring a seasonal dish to share with the attendees and the devil of the night. BYOB.
10:30pm Ritual: Opus Del Porticus or the Portal Working
11pm Ritual: The Mephisto Ring-A Candlelight Conjuration on All Hallow’s Eve
The witching hour has been set for 11pm this Hallowe’en. The circle is made ready, the candles are lit. We gather together to summon the devil Mephistophilis, on this the eve of the Witches’ New Year, that we may thereby have our minds illumined, our hearts delighted, and our desires glutted thereby. Come witches! Hop toads! Join us in our dark labours, and let us walk together in the footprints of Faustus, the demigod of Heidelberg, and let us woo from Night her secrets, let us fathom the mysteries of the tartarean deep, and consort with devils by candlelight.
“Hell is just a state of mind.â€
̶ Mephistophilis
COSTUMES INVITED. Theme: That Old Black Magic. Come in costume or change at the temple.
Admission: $10 plus an item for the feast

Love is the law, love under will.

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