Bubastis Oasis, Valley of Dallas, U.S.G.L, O.T.O

Astrology Workshop Intensive

January, 9th 2015

Join Bubastis Oasis Saturday, 1/9/15 at 10:00am to 7:00pm for a fun filled day of learning different techniques of Astrology!

No previous astrological experience or knowledge is required to attend.
Please bring something to take notes, tarot cards if you have a set, and prepare to have a great time!
Please register ASAP so that we can account for food for everyone that attends. If you need to pay on site, there is an option for that.

Workshop Info: Â

Sister Nessa Cohorn presenting-Â

Astrologically Judging Suitable Figures of the Heavens
You will learn the presenter’s method used to read and interpret a basic astrological chart. This particular method focuses on Thelemic concepts found in the chart, the overarching energies at play, and reconciling difficult aspects.
Bio: Soror Eshim has been a member of the O.T.O. for 10 years and a member of Scarlet Woman Lodge for 8. She is an Ordained Deacon and Priestess of E.G.C., and has held various positions at the Local and National level throughout these years. A student of magickal for almost 30 years, and of astrology for over 20 years, she appreciates her magickal family that gives venue to learn and teach topics like these in our temple settings.

Brother Dave Wells Presenting- Â

A lecture on basic to intermediate level Thelemic Astrology.
Lecture to include discussion on Crowley’s Liber 101 (The Duties and Privileges of O.T.O. Initiates according to the 12 Houses of Heaven), Astrology as it relates to the Thoth Tarot, and as it relates to Liber 777 and the Qabalah in general. Astrological aspects in Nativities and Synastries will also be discussed.

Sister Hattie Quinn presenting-

Horary Astrology
An ancient tool overlooked by many in the new age of humanistic and transpersonal astrology, designed solely for finding the answer to whatever your question may be… Where is this lost thing? When will I move into a new home? Should I change jobs? What is the best direction for my career path? Who will be our next President? Etc.
We will briefly discuss the history of this art and review the techniques for casting and interpreting a chart to find our answers.
Bio: Hattie Quinn is a initiate of O.T.O. with an interest in astrology as a tool of divination, an amateur chef, a public speaker, and impending parent. She is a member of Bubastis Oasis and lives in FTW with her Satyr and a menagerie of lovable creatures.

Cost of admission
$20 Bubastis Member/$30 Public