Bubastis Oasis, Valley of Dallas, U.S.G.L, O.T.O

Goetia Workshop with Colin Campbell

May 14th and 15th 2016 e.v.

Join Bubastis Oasis on May 14th and 15th as we welcome occult author and fellow Thelemite Colin Campbell for an in depth workshop and tour of his new book, Of the Arte Goetia published by Teitan Press.

This significant work explores the evolution of the Goetia from sources predating the manuscripts from which model versions are drawn, comparing, contrasting, and correcting them where history and the works themselves dictate, providing an unmatched historical and textual exploration, while also reflecting on approaches to working with the Goetia.

A limited number of books will be available for purchase.  You may purchase in advance from Weiser Antiquarian and other fine occult book sellers worldwide.  Mr. Campbell will be available to sign all of his titles after the class on Saturday.

Reserve your seat for this rare and valuable weekend today!

Proposed Schedule for Weekend:


9am: Check-in, onsite registration, and breakfast provided.

10am-1pm: History of Goetia: People, Places, and Texts

   Discussion on the evolution of various components that comprise Goetia.

1pm: Lunch provided

2-5pm: Textual Analysis: Evolution of Goetia

   Discussion and observation on the evolution of Goetia as a text.

5-6pm: Book signing – Bring out your rare Colin Campbell titles for signing


9am: Check-in, onsite registration, and breakfast provided.

10am-1pm:Â Practicum: BYOBV (Bring Your Own Brass Vessel)

   Discussion and walk-through of the practice of Goetic magic.

1pm: Lunch provided

2pm Doors open to the public for discussion of Thelemic tracts

3:30-5pm: A public celebration of Liber XV: The Gnostic Mass

 Author Bio:

Colin Campbell is the author of four books on magick, including The Magic Seal of Dr. John Dee: The Sigillum Dei Ameth, A Concordance to the Holy Books of Thelema, The Offices of Spirits, and now Of the Arte Goetia. He has given lectures across the country on both a local and national level, speaking a number of times at NOTOCON, the biannual conference of the Ordo Templi Orientis, of which he has been a member for fifteen years.
His latest book, Of the Arte Goetia, explores the infamous work of that name in terms of its history and emergence into the English language, a study that reveals a number of errors in translation that bring new light to the manuscripts connected with its practice. He also performs a great deal of exegetical work on the text itself, something never before done in depth, illuminating the many internal references to other texts, events, and personages. The result is a more comprehensive view of Goetia than ever before gathered into one volume.

Cost of admission
$56 in advance through Regoline
$72 onsite